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Marc & Mindy

Meet Marc and Mindy. Mindy is almost done with nursing school and these two are about to get hitched! We met at a local Starbucks and hit it off immediately. They really wanted a fall themed shoot so we met at a local park and I brought salted-caramel hot chocolate and hot chocolate with marshmellows. As we were setting up for the shoot, Marc told me that he took Mindy on her first date to Starbucks. And guess what they drank? Hot chocolate! I think its so sweet that hot chocolate was incorporated into their shoot. How fitting! So without further ado, meet Marc and Mindy.2014-11-20_0004PINIMAGE2014-11-20_0008PINIMAGE2014-11-20_0003PINIMAGE2014-11-20_0007PINIMAGE2014-11-20_0002PINIMAGE2014-11-20_0009PINIMAGE2014-11-20_0001PINIMAGE2014-11-20_0010PINIMAGE2014-11-20_0006PINIMAGE2014-11-20_0005PINIMAGE

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