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A Birth Story :: Baby Julian

Pam is a dear friend and fellow photographer and I felt honored (as always) to be asked to document her birth story. Of course I get a text that she is being induced while Tennessee is in the middle of a “State of Emergency” ice storm. Oh, and I also was on crutches with a broken right foot and sprained left arm. But. I. Had. To. Be. There. I refused to miss baby Julian’s arrival! My dear, sweet hubby drove us to the hospital and actually waited in the waiting room with our toddler while I photographed the birth. Like all birth stories, the pictures tell the story itself, but I always like to include a few little things in the blog. Poor Pam had a sinus infection but still looked amazing (and honestly didn’t even look pregnant). She had her chapstick and essential oils ready to go while her husband Ryan applied them on her ankles (even the not-so-great smelling ones which could help speed up labor). My absolute favorite moment of the whole day was when, after one push, Pam exclaimed: “Can we get some music up in here or something?” We all were laughing and about 2 minutes later precious Julian was born. Pamela and Ryan have two girls and this is their first boy. I know I said this before, but I always feel SO SO SO honored to photograph birth stories. I cry every time and I am surprised my camera hasn’t suffered water damage yet from all the tears of awe and joy. Welcome precious baby Julian! 2015-02-19_0001PINIMAGE2015-02-19_0002PINIMAGE2015-02-19_0003PINIMAGE2015-02-19_0004PINIMAGE2015-02-19_0005PINIMAGE2015-02-19_0006PINIMAGE2015-02-19_0007PINIMAGE2015-02-19_0008PINIMAGE2015-02-19_0010PINIMAGE2015-02-19_0009PINIMAGE2015-02-19_0011PINIMAGE2015-02-19_0012PINIMAGE2015-02-19_0014PINIMAGE2015-02-19_0015PINIMAGE2015-02-19_0013PINIMAGE2015-02-19_0016PINIMAGE2015-02-19_0017PINIMAGE2015-02-19_0036PINIMAGE2015-02-19_0019PINIMAGE2015-02-19_0018PINIMAGE2015-02-19_0022PINIMAGE2015-02-19_0021PINIMAGE2015-02-19_0020PINIMAGE2015-02-19_0024PINIMAGE2015-02-19_0031PINIMAGE2015-02-19_0027PINIMAGE2015-02-19_0028PINIMAGE2015-02-19_0023PINIMAGE2015-02-19_0033PINIMAGE2015-02-19_0030PINIMAGE2015-02-19_0026PINIMAGE2015-02-19_0034PINIMAGE2015-02-19_0035PINIMAGE

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