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Rayanna’s Sneak Peek

This is my “baby” cousin. I know, I know. She’s not a baby anymore. I remember feeding her a bottle, rocking her to sleep, etc. Now she is graduating high school! We aren’t completely finished with her senior photos (because you all know I like a little variety with the seniors), but I had to showcase some of these beautiful ones as a sneak peek. She is officially the first senior I have had that included a bunny in her photos and she absolutely rocked it. Charlie the bunny is adorable and loved the camera. 2016-04-21_0002PINIMAGE2016-04-21_0003PINIMAGE2016-04-21_0004PINIMAGE2016-04-21_0005PINIMAGE2016-04-21_0007PINIMAGE2016-04-21_0001PINIMAGE2016-04-21_0011PINIMAGE2016-04-21_0008PINIMAGE

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