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Fresh 48

Oh sweet fresh 48 sessions. I love them! This is the first one I have done in a house instead of the hospital/birthing center, other than for my clients who have had home births. Thankfully, the labor and delivery of this sweet baby girl was so easy for Marissa that the Johnson family was able to go home the next day with their new bundle of joy. Sweet baby girl slept the entire time, probably because she was getting so many snuggles and kisses. Her big brother was so loving and even shared his stuffed animal, Rowlf. Now THAT is a good big brother. Welcome sweet baby girl. 2016-09-06_0039PINIMAGE2016-09-06_0040PINIMAGE2016-09-06_0041PINIMAGE2016-09-06_0042PINIMAGE2016-09-06_0043PINIMAGE2016-09-06_0044PINIMAGE2016-09-06_0045PINIMAGE2016-09-06_0046PINIMAGE2016-09-06_0047PINIMAGE2016-09-06_0048PINIMAGE2016-09-06_0049PINIMAGE2016-09-06_0050PINIMAGE2016-09-06_0051PINIMAGE2016-09-06_0052PINIMAGE2016-09-06_0053PINIMAGE2016-09-06_0054PINIMAGE2016-09-06_0055PINIMAGE

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