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Cameron is One

Oh my goodness do I love a good cake smash session. When Mary Lou contacted me and asked me if I was available, I answered with a resounding “YES”. Here’s the deal about this family. Mary Lou is special to me. Why? Because my dear friend Heather (who was my midwife while pregnant with Jojo) was out of town when my water broke. Most of you know that I’m somewhat of a hippy mama and don’t like any medical interventions unless absolutely necessary. When I found out Heather wasn’t going to be able to deliver Josiah, I panicked. I didn’t know what kind of midwife I would end up with for Josiah’s birth. Thankfully, everything turned out wonderfully because Mary Lou was the midwife that day. I had never met her, but she had recently given birth (naturally) to this beautiful boy and could relate to the kind of birth I wanted. She was absolutely wonderful. She had never met me but she held my hand, looked me into the eyes, and told me not to be afraid and that I was doing great when I had a moment of panic during Josiah’s birth. She didn’t think I was strange for singing songs during my entire labor. She allowed my sweet Mama, husband, and Doula to do their thing during my birth. She didn’t roll her eyes at my birth preferences. She was supportive, caring, and kind. I know that this blog is about her sweet boy Cameron, but I had to brag on his beautiful Mama first! I am ever so grateful for her.

Now, back to this handsome boy. He was super shy at first but once the balloons came out he was much happier. He didn’t dig into his cake like other babies have, but he sure did enjoy the icing. Happy birthday Cam! You are a wonderful addition to this great, big world.


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