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Erin’s Baby Shower

A few weeks ago my friend Erin emailed me about photographing her baby shower. It would be a virtual baby shower since she and her husband are missionaries in Kenya. They are expecting their first little boy in a few months and will have all kinds of adventures as first time parents in Kenya, where things are quite different. Since Erin wouldn’t be at the shower, the plan was to take pictures of everyone there as they skyped from Kenya. Isn’t technology a wonderful thing? We were having trouble getting ahold of them via Skype and then all of a sudden Erin burst through the doors, completely shocking everyone. She came all the way from Kenya and surprised everyone! There were tears and hugs and laughs all around. After eating some of the delicious food (ummm the blueberry cupcake was relish), we gathered around for her to open the gifts for sweet baby Cooper. The gifts she received were absolutely precious. Someone had made a quilt with all kinds of animals and another had gotten a burp cloth that said “I love my Mommy” and “I love my Daddy” in Swahili. I loved the Kenya themed gifts they received for their little one. The little Lion King outfit is adorable and Erin said that “Hakuna Matata” is a phrase they really do hear quite often. Congratulations Erin! What a wonderful surprise. 2015-04-10_0023PINIMAGE2015-04-10_0016PINIMAGE2015-04-10_0007PINIMAGE2015-04-10_0009PINIMAGE2015-04-10_0008PINIMAGE2015-04-10_0010PINIMAGE2015-04-10_0011PINIMAGE2015-04-10_0012PINIMAGE2015-04-10_0013PINIMAGE2015-04-10_0014PINIMAGE2015-04-10_0002PINIMAGE2015-04-10_0003PINIMAGE2015-04-10_0005PINIMAGE2015-04-10_0004PINIMAGE2015-04-10_0015PINIMAGE2015-04-10_0021PINIMAGE2015-04-10_0006PINIMAGE2015-04-10_0017PINIMAGE2015-04-10_0018PINIMAGE2015-04-10_0020PINIMAGE2015-04-10_0019PINIMAGE2015-04-10_0022PINIMAGE

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