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Isaac’s Lifestyle Session

You would think that I wouldn’t be so in love with all the babies since I have my own 6 month old right now, but I just can’t help myself! Babies bring so much joy and are such sweet bundles of joy. Yes, they have their moments, but they can’t communicate to us other than crying so it’s really not their fault. Elizabeth is a friend of mine that I met at our birth class. We were both pregnant with baby boys and she had her sweet Isaac a few months after I had Josiah. She has become a good friend and I loved shooting this lifestyle session and spending time with their little girl, Ava. Miss Ava is a sweet little diva. She loved posing and having her picture taken. Towards the end, Isaac was getting fussy but Ava was having a ball and singing VERY loudly. Her Mama asked her to calm down and to take a little time out to slow things down. She sat down and started to pray. It was the absolute cutest thing ever! Even though we were done with the session and our time was coming to a close, Ava requested that I take her giraffe’s picture. Of course I humoured her and took the giraffe’s picture so I had to include it in this blog post. Oh, and you will also find a photo of the baby fussing and their dog making an appearance. I included that one to make you see what a lifestyle session REALLY looks like. 2016-01-20_0025PINIMAGE2016-01-20_0024PINIMAGE2016-01-20_0027PINIMAGE2016-01-20_0029PINIMAGE2016-01-20_0026PINIMAGE2016-01-20_0028PINIMAGE2016-01-20_0030PINIMAGE2016-01-20_0032PINIMAGE2016-01-20_0033PINIMAGE2016-01-20_0034PINIMAGE2016-01-20_0035PINIMAGE2016-01-20_0031PINIMAGE2016-01-20_0023PINIMAGE2016-01-20_0036PINIMAGE

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