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Paisley’s Home Birth

I recently shot my first home birth. It was a beautiful experience being able to see life brought into the world in the comfort of one’s home. Amy texted me early that morning and said, “Today is the day”. I started packing my things and asked her when I should arrive. She told me she would text me when I should come over and that it would probably be in the afternoon. Good thing, because I was 9 weeks pregnant at the time and not feeling so hot. I rested on the couch the entire day, waiting in anticipation for my phone to go off and for me to head to their house. In the early evening I finally got a text and jumped in the car. It’s a good thing she texted me when she did because she had that beautiful baby only 30 minutes after I arrived. The entire experience was amazing to witness, especially as I am considering doing a home birth myself. Amy was doing awesome and talking in-between contractions. Her doula was there by her side the entire time and her kiddos were either on the stairs or up in the playroom with their Grandma. At some point Amy’s husband Lon grabbed some honey and gave her some to give her that extra boost to push through the delivery. Amy was a rockstar and whatever I write cannot do her birth story justice. I hope the pictures do. Welcome Paisley! 2014-12-21_0002PINIMAGE2014-12-21_0003PINIMAGE2014-12-21_0004PINIMAGE2014-12-21_0005PINIMAGE2014-12-21_0006PINIMAGE2014-12-21_0007PINIMAGE2014-12-21_0008PINIMAGE2014-12-21_0010PINIMAGE2014-12-21_0011PINIMAGE2014-12-21_0012PINIMAGE2014-12-21_0009PINIMAGE2014-12-21_0013PINIMAGE2014-12-21_0015PINIMAGE2014-12-21_0016PINIMAGE2014-12-21_0014PINIMAGE2014-12-21_0017PINIMAGE2014-12-21_0018PINIMAGE2014-12-21_0019PINIMAGE2014-12-21_0020PINIMAGE2014-12-21_0021PINIMAGE2014-12-21_0022PINIMAGE2014-12-21_0023PINIMAGE2014-12-21_0024PINIMAGE2014-12-21_0025PINIMAGE2014-12-21_0026PINIMAGE2014-12-21_0027PINIMAGE2014-12-21_0028PINIMAGE2014-12-21_0029PINIMAGE2014-12-21_0030PINIMAGE2014-12-21_0032PINIMAGE2014-12-21_0031PINIMAGE2014-12-21_0033PINIMAGE

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