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The Campbell Family

My dear friend Janelle asked me to do some Christmas photos this year, but the day we scheduled pictures was a VERY cold day. We snapped a few photos outside and then I suggested the boys make hot chocolate and I could just document their family time. It turned out to be an adorable session. Jack kept eating the powdered chocolate before we actually made the hot chocolate, so when it was time to drink hot chocolate, Russ drew the bad straw and ended up with hot marshmallow water. His face was priceless. It really makes my heart happy to capture the “simple” moments in life, because that is usually where a lot of memories are made. 2014-12-20_0001PINIMAGE2014-12-20_0002PINIMAGE2014-12-20_0003PINIMAGE2014-12-20_0004PINIMAGE2014-12-20_0006PINIMAGE2014-12-20_0005PINIMAGE2014-12-20_0007PINIMAGE2014-12-20_0008PINIMAGE2014-12-20_0009PINIMAGE2014-12-20_0010PINIMAGE2014-12-20_0011PINIMAGE2014-12-20_0012PINIMAGE2014-12-20_0013PINIMAGE2014-12-20_0014PINIMAGE2014-12-20_0015PINIMAGE2014-12-20_0016PINIMAGE2014-12-20_0017PINIMAGE2014-12-20_0018PINIMAGE2014-12-20_0019PINIMAGE2014-12-20_0020PINIMAGE

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